How to U-Pick Blueberries

We have three u-pick fields with a number of varieties of Rabbit-Eye and Southern Highbush blueberries.


Home base for the blueberry operation is the barn. We have picking buckets for you to use as you wander through the fields.


We'll help you get started and learn how to pick. Then you can return to the barn where we'll weigh your bounty of berries, handle the money part, and package the berries to go.

We accept cash and credit cards.

We have containers for you, but you are welcome to bring your own. We recommend bringing a cooler to keep the berries cool after picking.

Blueberry Picking Season

Blueberry season is usually mid-May through June, but can change year to year. Could be mid-April, could be early-May depending on what the winter weather was like.

Keep checking our Farm News and you can always call us at 850-997-0533 for the latest info.

During blueberry season, we'll be open for u-pick on Saturday and Sunday. We usually close in the middle of the day to give us a break from the heat. We'll keep the hours of operation updated here, on Facebook and on Google Maps.

If picking isn't for you but you want to know where your blueberries come from, we usually have some packaged and ready to go. You can come out and enjoy the park-like setting without the work. You may want to call ahead to make sure we have the amount you need.


Don't want to take the drive out here, or simply short on time? Look for our blueberries on Red Hills Online Market!

Taking Care of Yourself

Naturally grown and Florida means some things are inevitable. Sunshine, some rain, heat, and… ugh… mosquitoes, flies and ants. Be sure to bring your favorite sunscreen and bug spray. We usually have extra bug spray just in case.


Watch where you step and the ants aren't a problem. You'll usually see us in long pants, closed toe shoes, and a wide-brimmed hat because we are out all day.


Most people spend 30-60 minutes in the fields but some spend hours. You should dress for how you deal with the sun, heat, and mosquitoes. There's plenty of shade to hang out in across the property when you need a sun break. We also have water for sale if you need it.

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